Startup advisor responsibility for startup

Any business venture requires proper plan or blueprint for its success and growth. Without a proper plan the business will eventually find itself lost in issues and problems and will incur losses and fail. It is therefore imperative that the businessman takes the advice and guidance from a professional expert on the smooth running of their business.

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Similarly startups also need a good advisor to help them sail through their startup business easily. Here comes the role of a professional startup advisor in India to render expert advice and guidance to the startup owner to help them carry out the affairs of their startup business in a seamless manner.

A startup advisor is a person who provides expert advice to the startup owners on industry, subject matter, mentorship or networking connections. Here are some of the responsibilities of a good startup advisor:

1. Help you chalk out perfect business action plan: It is important for the business owner to have a business action plan to understand where their business is heading and how it is to be managed in a profitable manner. A good startup advisor in India will chalk out a perfect business plan by providing a bird’s eye view of your business and how well it is to be managed for its smooth running. This plan will help the startup owner to avoid pitfalls and loopholes and work in a systematic manner to earn good profits.

2. Help in raising finance: Every business needs finance for its smooth running and so do the startup firm. Professional advisors for startup help the firms in raising finance. They have good nexus of lenders and financial institutions that finance the startup firms with good project. They prepare an appealing blue print of the business and help the startup owners to raise funds for their venture.

3. Expert advice: The advisors render expert advice on the smooth running of the startup business. They analyze the areas of unwanted expenses and make sure that these are put a check to. Also, they guide the startup owners with the tactics for generation of incomes and help them in making their business successful.

4. Tax related issues: The expert Startup advisor will handle the tax related issues of the startup business and make sure that the tax formalities are met and tax filing deadlines are adhered to. They advice the startup owners in making profitable investments so as to save tax and earn good returns.

5. Offers expert skills and knowledge: A reliable startup advisor is someone who expands your own abilities. They are experts and are well aware of things that you might not be aware of. They possess the skills and knowledge that you do not have and work to compensate your weakness for the smooth functioning of your startup venture.

6. Have good connections: A startup advisor has good connections which the startup owner might not have. He will open the doors to potential partners, service providers, investors and key executives hires. Such connections will be very beneficial for the success and growth of your startup venture. is a platform for entrepreneurs seeking audit, taxation, due diligence, legal structuring and government grants to your business.