Every business has to file income tax and other returns to the government on yearly or quarterly basis. One can file the tax return on own but due to loads of complications and paper work involved in the process, it is beneficial to hire a professional tax consultant in Delhi to handle all your tax related work.

With changes in government laws and regulations, taxation in India is complex, thus only a professional person, who has in depth knowledge and experience about taxation can handle the job well. …

Every business entity has a good will or credibility. Goodwill is an intangible asset and is determined by the company’s brand name, good customer relations, solid customer base, good employee relations and proprietary technology.

Accounting services in delhi

The calculation of good will arises when the company acquires another business. Its calculation is complex and can be undertaken by the professional accounting services in Delhi who value goodwill by using the appropriate methods.

Goodwill cannot be touched or seen but it can be traded and purchased and has a real value. Goodwill is the reputation earned by the business over the period of time…

Funds are the spine and soul of every business entity. They are required for ensuring the smooth operation and survival of the business. Business owners raise funds from many sources bank and non-banking institutions, friends, self-financing etc. Just like any other business entity, startups also need funds to kick-start their dream venture and ensure its smooth and seamless operations.

fundraising platforms for startups

Here is fundraising platform for the startups that help them raise funds for their projects:

1. Banks: Banks are the most sought after platform by the startups to raise finance for their venture. Banks provide loans at the comparatively less rate…

Any business venture requires proper plan or blueprint for its success and growth. Without a proper plan the business will eventually find itself lost in issues and problems and will incur losses and fail. It is therefore imperative that the businessman takes the advice and guidance from a professional expert on the smooth running of their business.

startup advisor india

Similarly startups also need a good advisor to help them sail through their startup business easily. …

Accounting is the part and parcel of any business entity. It is important for every business organization to have robust accounting system in their organization so as to get the true and fair picture of their income and expense position.

Accounting services

Startups are also required to maintain up to date books of accounts epitomizing their financial position and other important details. Running a startup can be a hectic enough before even considering financials but neglecting accounting practices cause great harm to the business.

Here are some of the accounting basics for startups that will put them in a better position to…

Your finance is the lifeline of your enterprise. It is therefore important that you get professional guidance and advise in the finance related, identity best plans for your needs and make your money grow.

Virtual CFO Services

However, most of the organizations are not able to handle the huge salary and other perks of permanent CFO and this has led to the emergence of virtual CFO services. A virtual CFO is the person or business that offers the services of a CFO but does this from a remote location via phone calls and video conferences. …

If you are planning to set a company in India, you have to adhere to and furnish many government rules and obligation, file important document and fulfill certain legal and company law norms.

Register a company in india

Setting up a company in India, requires fulfillment of certain rules and regulations and following certain pre-laid down policies. One has to adhere to many norms and policies to transpire the registration process smoothly.

If you are gearing up to register your company in India, then you have to record it in the Indian official records i.e. Ministry of Corporate Affairs. …

Registering a company in India requires fulfillment of certain legal and government obligations. Furthermore, one has to adhere to the rules of companies act prevailing in the country. However, if the company is foreign company, an entity that is incorporate outside India but has a place of business in India, then it has to follow certain other norms and rules pertaining to its registration.

India is a fastest developing country of the world, it is therefore normal for other countries to invest in India. …

If you are planning to pursue Chartered accountant course, you will be searching for a good CA firm for your article ship tenure. Article ship is the 3 year training phase that allows students to work on real assignments and get hands on experience of managing and dealing with books of accounts and other matters related to accounting and taxation purpose.

best ca firms in delhi

Every student who is aspiring to become a chartered accountant wishes to have their article ship tenure done under the guidance and training of the best CA firms. The best CA firms in Delhi, provides good training and experience…

Starting of any venture requires good guidance and advice from the professional experts. It is good to kick start any venture with having deep in sights of all the related aspects so that one can reap good profits.

startup advisor india

Hence it goes without saying that for making your startup venture profitable it is imperative to have a good and professional startup advisor to guide the owner in carrying out the activities of the business in fair and profitable manner.

A good startup advisor is someone the founder of a business can bounce ideas off and discuss any problems with. Professional advisors…

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